About Us

Trustee Principles is fundamentally based on knowledge and experience built up by our employees over the last 25 years in the pensions industry. Our most important strength is our people and we believe our senior team of professionals provide a truly independent trustee service which is second to none in the Irish market. Given the strategic importance of pensions for employers, sound governance and management of pension schemes is essential and are the key skills and service offering of Trustee Principles.


Combining our relevant professional qualifications with hands-on knowledge


We have experience of dealing with a wide range of issues, different economic


Our independence enhances our ability to manage any potential conflicts of


We have a process in place to provide a robust operational framework

Our Services

Corporate Trusteeship

As a Corporate Trustee, Trustee Principles would act as an independent professional…

Member of Trustee Board

Participate in trustee meetings
Offer advice in a diligent and prudent manner…

Chairman of the Trustee Board

Act as chair of trustee meetings
Manage conflicts
Ensure effective decisions are made...

Secretary to the Trustees

Attend meetings
Record minutes of the meetings
Record outcomes of decisions...

Private Schemes

Provide professional pension trusteeship services to private organisations with Defined Benefit Schemes…

Public Sector

Our trustees are very familiar with the unique and complex features of public service schemes and the particular issues…

Our Approach

The following principles are the foundations of good governance for a pension scheme... Read more

Ensuring important issues are prioritised and addressed

Managing risks

Meeting best practice standards

Seeking appropriate advice

Achieving cost efficiencies

News & Updates

EU Pension Legislation

As you may be aware we are currently awaiting new pension legislation which will take effect for all Irish occupational pension schemes shortly. IORP II: The EU IORP II Directive introduces a number of specific measures designed to facilitate the development of occupational retirement savings and to provide sustainable and adequate


Notice – Planlife Trustee Services Limited & Willis Trustsure Limited

The Irish High Court has approved a scheme of arrangement whereby the corporate trustee business of Planlife Trustee Services Limited (PLTS) has been transferred to Trustee Principles Limited (TPL) with effect from Monday 2nd July 2018. TPL now acts as trustee to all corporate pension schemes where PLTS has been appointed.