•   Why Professional Pension Scheme Trustees?  
  •   Why Trustee Principles?  
Why Professional Pension Scheme Trustees?

Why Professional Pension Scheme Trustees?

A professional trustee can help to ensure that important issues are prioritised and addressed, manage risks, help achieve best practice standards and ensure cost effectiveness of the pension scheme.

Why Trustee Principles?

Why Trustee Principles?

Combining our relevant professional qualifications with hands-on knowledge of the key elements required for effective trustee governance, we aim to enhance the expertise available to trustee boards.


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Notice – Planlife Trustee Services Limited 02/07/2018

The Irish High Court has approved a scheme of arrangement whereby the corporate trustee business of ...

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The Pensions Authority publishes its Annual Report and Accounts 2016 15/08/2017

See www.pensionsauthority.ie for further details...

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We currently have no events scheduled 01/03/2017


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Independent Professional Trustee Services for Irish Pension Schemes 

Trustee Principles brings an in-depth knowledge of the complex range of legislative, financial, employee engagement, and administrative issues that trustees have to consider. Our trustee representatives are pension specialists who bring relevant skills and a high level of experience managing pension schemes at a senior level to the role of trustee.  Maintaining independence and avoiding conflicts of interest are central to how we operate.

We have been appointed as sole or joint trustee to pension schemes in the public and private sectors, large and small, defined benefit and defined contribution, and currently act as trustee for over 900 schemes with over €1 billion in assets.

The demands facing trustees of occupational pension schemes are unprecedented. We believe Trustee Principles brings several key advantages to the role of trustee.

We have a unique blend of skills. In particular, we bring together:

  • An in-depth knowledge of pensions
  • A complete understanding of the role of a pension scheme trustee
  • Particular expertise in actuarial, investment and scheme management
  • The experience to be able to consider complex issues and weigh up different options to achieve an optimum solution
  • Insights on practical pension scheme management issues, including the communications aspects.