Our Approach

We believe that the following principles are the foundations of good governance for a pension scheme:

  • Appropriate composition and effectiveness of the trustee board, based on a diverse range of relevant skills and knowledge and a culture of continuous learning
  • A strong and shared sense of purpose and accountability
  • A clear statement of objectives, captured in an annual business plan
  • A set of policies - financial, investment, risk management and operational - that are aligned to the delivery of the objectives
  • Clarity of the role of the trustee board and their sub-committees, advisers and service providers, with clear separation of oversight and operational responsibilities, appropriate delegated authorities and alignment to the business plan
  • Effective communications and information management
  • Annual review of effectiveness of the board and its operational framework

We provide trustee services to a range of clients who vary in company size and industry. Our very senior team of professionals who provide truly independent trustee services is second to none in the Irish market. We have been appointed as sole or joint trustee to pension schemes in the public and private sectors, large and small, defined benefit and defined contribution.

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